How to install Epson L120 in Ubuntu

  1. Go to Epson Download Printer Driver ESC/P Driver (full feature)   or go to
  2. Select and download ESC/P Driver (full feature)
  3. Click Accept
  4. Go to the bottom page. Select and download epson-inkjet-printer-201310w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb
  5. Ctrl + Alt + t on the keyboard to open the terminal and copy-paste this on the terminal:
  6. sudo gdebi ~/Downloads/epson-inkjet-printer-201310w*.deb
  7. This will install the driver in Ubuntu.
  8. Next, go to Add Printer
  9. Click Add
  10. Select Epson L120. Click Forward
  11. Click Apply
  12. Click Print Test Page.

How to install xerte

Here are the steps:

1. Prerequisite: lamp

2. Go to

3. Click Xerte on-line toolkits Download. Save File.

4. Right-click your downloaded xertetoolkits. Click Extract here.

5. Make sure you are in the directory where the extracted xertetoolkits is found before moving the file. For example if the extracted xertetoolkits is in the Desktop, write on the terminal cd Desktop. cd means change directory.

6. sudo mv xertetoolkits /var/www

6. sudo chmod 777 -R /var/www/xertetoolkits

7. Go to Places – Computer – Filesystem – var – www – xertetoolkits

8. Open xertetoolkits.

9. Rename index.php to anynameyouwant.php

10. Rename demo.txt to index.php

11. Open Firefox Web Browser. On the address bar write: http://localhost/xertetoolkits/setup

12.  Next for a full install.

13. Next

14. Fill in the blanks.



the password of the mysql

the name of the database (you can make up something here). If you have repeatedly installed xerte. Each installation must have a new name under database to prevent any errors.

Next (There should be no sorry anywhere).


the password of the mysql

admin username

admin password


Submit query. (There should be no errors. It should display a list of all as succeeded.

Install Complete. Click the url.

Duplicate Cleaner to remove duplicate files

I have a 160 GB of imation external hard drive. To my dismay it is almost full. I already remove my movies, still it is not enough free space. Then I noticed that my pictures had a lot of duplicates in it. Well, I made pretty sure that I didn’t lose all my files so much so that I had duplicates in various folders.

It’s also very hard for me to locate my files. I felt the need to organize my external drive. The first task is to eliminate the duplicate pictures since jpeg takes a lot of space.

I surfed on the net and tried duplicate cleaner. It is very easy to use. I would suggest to stick with “filter by content” rather than by file name and size.

Here’s how to use duplicate cleaner:

1. Under “Find Files with” check “Same Content”

1. Select the Search Path

2. Click Go

3. Click Selection Assistant

4. Click Remove Selected

I would suggest to just use this only once. Just to be sure that none of your important files get to be deleted. If you intend to add more files, put it in a folder before scanning it with duplicate cleaner. Once done, you can put it in your external hard drive.

How to install Joomla in Ubuntu

How to install Joomla

  1. Install lamp (just google how to do it via terminal)
  1. Then Download the latest joomla (ang aku kay
  2. Right click Extract here.
  3. E open ang terminal. Isuwat sudo nautilus
  4. Abliha ang var/www
  5. Inside /www e copy paste ang extracted nga joomla.
  6. Rename the extracted joomla to whatever you wish.
  7. Open browser. Isuwat http://localhost/pangan sa imong extracted joomla/administrator
  8. Mo open na ang joomla. Click Next, Next
  9. If Red nga No ang configuration.php Next lang gihapon don’t problem it.
  10. Ig-abot nimo sa Database Settings isuwat:Database type: mysqlHostname: localhost

    Username: root

    Password: ang password sa imong mysql (kay kung dili sa mysql nga password dili ka ka continue sa ftp settings

Database Name: bisag unsa ra imong ibutang ani

  1. Click Next kung human nakag suwat
  2. If you have forgotten your mysql password. If you cannot retrieve your password, just like what I did I forgot my password and I used every means to retrieve it but failed so I removed mysql then reinstalled it. To ensure that everything is okay I restarted lamp in terminal. Anyway mosulti raman na nga human na if nana ka. Then ig-abot nako sa sudo apt-get install mysql-server, I pay attention to the password nga akung gibutang didto. Then when I go to Database settings and write the correct password there ok na. Maka proceed nako sa ftp settings
  3. Kung sakto imong password sa mysql mo proceed ka sa ftp settings. Ang default kay No. Okay lang. Just click Next.
  4. Sa last na sa installation naay code sa ubos. Copy paste that and name it configuration.php. Nakasuwat diha sa code tanan nimong settings including the password of your mysql, the name of your site and ftp settings nga naa sa Server Settings var $ftp_user =’bisagunsalangisuwat’var $ftp_pass = ‘bisagunsapud’ (this means your ftp password by the way)var $ftp_root = ‘/’ (/ which means root)

    var $ftp_enable = ‘1’ (ang default kay 0 zero ilisi ug 1 which means yes kay zero means no)

    Save your configuration.php. Then copy paste siya adto ibutang sa var/www/kadtong gi rename nimo nga file.

  5. Lastly go to var/www/kadtong gi rename nimo nga joomla folder/installation.
  6. Delete this installation file. Kay kung dili ni nimo e delete dili ka ka open sa joomla.
  7. You can now start designing your web. Open browser. Isuwat http://localhost/yourrenamedjoomlafolder/administrator
  8. Default username is admin.
  9. Then write your joomla password (not the mysql password ha)

The Grammar-Translation Method: A Teaching Strategy

There are many teaching methodologies in English. For now, let me talk about the

Grammar – Translation Method

Have you taught a grammar topic like there is no tomorrow? (Ha!Ha!Ha!) I mean the kind where you taught the linking verb or the noun complement painstakingly that you just have to explain it in Cebuano or your native tongue. That is a Grammar-Translation Method in action.

In another instance, there are also some English teachers who would say : “Ayaw ininglisa Ma’am kay dili na sila kasabot.” Or when you translate an English reading passage into Bisaya just because you thought your students can not understand English. These are again  instances of Grammar – Translation Method: the poorest among all methods of teaching English.

Why poorest?

Steinberg (1993, p.223) reveals that “students who pass through many years of strict GT training generally come out unable to comprehend or utter sentences at a level that allows them to engage in even simple conversations.”

GT Method simply does not develop the oral skills of the learners.

Here are some characteristics of the GT method:

  1. Focuses on reading and writing
  2. Vocabulary is translated into the native language
  3. Reading content is translated into the child’s first language
  4. Writing is mainly filling in the blanks of grammatical points
  5. Big on translation
  6. Useful for English teachers who are not good in speaking English
  7. Big on grammar drills

Hey it’s not all bad. The good thing with this method is that the teacher can use this in big classes of 40 to 80 students.


Some Suggestions for Teaching the K to 1 2 Grade 8 English

DepEd’s Curriculum Guide for the K to 12 Grade 8 English must take precedence over the choice of lessons or topics to be discussed. The teacher may select these topics from the learning module or lesson guide given to us during the mass training for the K to 12. However, do not simply follow the organization presented in the module as some of the topics/ lessons are not organized well in accordance with the Curriculum Guide.

On the literature budget for each grading period, the Curriculum guide prescribes the following:

First Quarter – African chants, poems, folktales, and short stories

Second Quarter – East Asian poems, folktales, and short stories

Third Quarter – Southeast Asian literature

Fourth Quarter – South and West Asian literature

Some of the African literature are found at the end of the module, so you have to locate it there and teach it not in the fourth quarter but in the first quarter.

2nd grading East Asia

1. China
2. Japan
3. Korea
4. Taiwan
5. Mongolia

3rd grading – Southeast Asia
1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
3. Singapore
4. Philippines
5. East Timor
6. Brunei

7. Cambodia
8. Laos
9. Burma Myanmar
10. Thailand

4th grading – South and West Asia
1. Israel part of Palestine (west)
2. Saudi Arabia (west)
3. Palestine (west)
4. India (south)
5. Bangladesh (south)
6.Pakistan (south)

Again, refer to the Curriculum Guide first with regards to the order of what lessons to be taught for each quarter. Make the module or lesson guide simply a reference.

Be flexible, plan ahead

What? You are not ready!

I asked my students this because the lesson I prepared for them that day necessitates that they should have the materials, I assigned them to bring. However, they replied in the negative. What to do? Get angry? Will it solve the problem? Of course not. It will just waste precious class time. This is where l00060esson planning comes in and its importance. The teacher has to be flexible. So I switched Monday’s lesson and replaced it with the one intended for Friday because that was a vocabulary lesson. Class time was used well with an added reminder to be ready for next day’s lesson which was postponed. No glitches occurred afterwards.

With DepEd’s Order No. 70 s. 2012, teachers are suggested to do a daily lesson log. This is a very shortened form of the lesson plan. All the teacher has to do is to write the title of her lesson, its references and the learner’s material used with a space for remarks later in the day. I have used such format and found it wanting. So I modified it and added a list of activities to be done during the day. This helps me as a teacher be prepared with the things to do in class and not just listing its topic.

To encourage students to be active in class, I list on the board all the activities that is to be done during the day. This way, they will be guided as to what is expected of them and be psychologically in sync with me as the facilitator of learning. So far, I found it to be generally effective.