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Fixing Boot Loop


  1. The computer will turn on only for a few seconds then shuts off; or,
  2. The computer will turn on for a few seconds, then shuts off immediately, then turns on again by itself, then shuts off… unending cycle of on and off.
  3. The computer will turn on till the Windows Desktop appears then shuts off by itself; or,
  4. The computer will turn on till the Windows Desktop appears. You can open apps for a few minutes ( ~ 5 minutes) then shuts off by itself.


  1. Change the power supply (PSU). I changed mine from 450 watts (Corsair) to 600 watts (X-Power)
  2. Just to be sure, I removed the old CMOS battery and changed it to a new one.
  3. I also got a new casing (PC Cooler) because those very tiny connectors for the front panel HDD LED, Power,etc. oozed with green sticky liquid and its wires are falling off.

After fixing this and when Windows booted normally, I performed chkdsk E: /f /r /x . My C: on SSD surprisingly had no errors. But my HDD which is partitioned E: suffered the brunt of the boot loop problem where the unending cycle of on and off took a toll on it.

Conclusion: My Samsung SSD is tough. Can withstand the stress of automatic shutdown. Not so with the HDD though.

Office 365 cannot be installed due to Office 2016

Source of Problem:

Windows 10 has upgraded. You will see this in C: Part of the Windows 10 upgrade is the automatic inclusion of Office 2016 as the default Office to be activated.


  1. Delete the registry of the update
  2. Type Registry Editor
  3. Right Click: Run as administrator
  4. local machine
  5. software
  6. microsoft
  7. windows
  8. current version
  9. uninstall
  10. Click each of the Registry under Uninstall. On the left is the contents of the registry. If you see any mention of Office 2016 (there are usually 2 registries). Delete these two. 
  11. The example below is the registry for Canon printer. Thus this will not be deleted. Only delete if it has the words Office 2016.

registry editor

12. Once Office 2016 is deleted, you may close the registry editor and go back and open any of your Office 365 application. This time Office 2016 will not supersede and you will successfully open Office 365.

Battery Alarm

Overcharging the laptop will destroy the battery.

20% – 80% should be the charging limits.

Battery Limiter will give off an alarm once the charging limits are reached

battery limiter

No desktop icon will be seen after installation of the .exe file. After installing, look at the bottom of the screen (the notifications area). The battery limiter icon will be seen there, open it and set the preferred charging limits.

Solution to “Your Windows Will Expire Soon”

After about a month after re-installing Windows 10:

your windows license will expire soon 1. Open cmd as administrator

2. wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

3. product key of Windows will be shown

4. Copy-paste the product key to Activation settings. Click “Change product key”

5. Before this digital license, it was “Windows is activated using your organization’s activation service.” So proof that it was a success is the word “digital license.” digital license

Reference: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/your-windows-license-will-expire-soon


Installing Lubuntu in Laptop

Some things to remember:

  1. Secure Boot is Disabled
  2. Boot Mode is UEFI
  3. Boot priority order is USB HDD
  4. Under “Main” Tab, F12 Boot Menu is Enabled
  5. Choose GPT under Rufus
  6. Partitions should have:
    • EFI
    • biosgrub
    • swap should be twice as RAM
    • /
  7. No use having Fat32 /windows partition as it will not be detected in the desktop. Instead use it all for /.
  8. Lubuntu and Xubuntu are for older laptops. For new laptops use Ubuntu.