PhilPost Letter Writing

PHLPost celebrates the National Letter Writing Day on October 9, 2013. Part of the activity is to encourage students of all ages to write letters. For each letter mailed via the public post office, the mail sender will be given a raffle ticket for a chance to win PhP3,000.00. The raffle draw will be on November 8, 2013. The winning school will also be given the same worth of prize.

Basically, this program by PhlPost is to resuscitate the almost forgotten art and fun of writing friendly letters. Dubbed “Salamat po” letters, students are encouraged to write as many letters as they can to whoever they want.

For the teachers, this is an appropriate time to review the correct format of letter-writing as well as to enrich their vocabulary by providing them with alternative synonyms for words. We well know for a fact that when it comes to writing in English, appropriate vocabulary is the students’ waterloo. How many of us teachers are asked, “Ma’am, unsay ininglis?” Instead of being aghast at this, we should help them instead.

Admittedly though to some teachers who thinks in English (and who talks to themselves in English), this might be difficult. Give them any highfalutin Englìsh words and they understand completely! They breathed and sleep in English. Yet ask them the Englìsh of something; and they scratch their head in total innocence for such word is beyond them.

If this happens to you while you are havîng your letter-writing class, go ahead, it’s alright; ask other students. Maybe they know. Sometimes it’s the simple words that just won’t be pinned down.

letter writing


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