DepEd Cebu Province’s English Festival Plans for December 2010

This is a spelling bee by team: one of the contests for the English Festival 2010.

The Division Supervisor for English, Mrs. Evelyn F. Balang called the CPEAS Officers and some of those who attended the TESOL conference to discuss plans for DepEd Cebu Province’s English Festival 2010.

I think the most important thing we discussed today was the Jazz Chant piece. It was agreed that there will only be one piece for all contestants. There were some lines that the Supervisor think should be changed and asked us to suggest modifications. I studied the piece and suggested some things which was adopted by everyone.

The Jazz chant piece may be downloaded at It is about being happy during the Christmas season although life may present some problems.

We had a long discussion about the dates when to hold the contests. The Supervisor doesn’t want it to be held any other month except December. So we had to squeeze in all the contests for the Area level on the 3rd week of December with December 16 as the Grand Finals or the Division Level. Because the Regional Press conference will be on the second week of December, we have to make do with only 3 days, that is, December 1 to 3 for the School Level. Between the School Level and the Area Level has to be the Municipal Level. Whew! When to do that! Well, it’s up for the Principals to decide. They decide on the finances so they have to schedule the Municipal Level.

For the Division Level this year, there will be four contests: 1) Jazz Chant; 2) Spelling Bee; 3) Powerpoint Presentation of the Nativity Scene; and 4)  Oration.

The number of Jazz Chanters will be 18-24 per group. We will use the conventional, that is, only the school uniform will be used and very minimal gestures. On the question whether the Jazz Chant will have a conductor during the contest, the answer is No. The emphasis is on the delivery and not the theatrics. The mechanics will also be uploaded perhaps this week or next week at too.

For the Spelling Bee, it will be composed of 4 members per team with a representative from every year level. Personally, I think Spelling Bees should be individual and not teams. Anyway the reason for this team contest is for maximum participation of students. With that kind of reason, whose heart would not melt into agreement? And so I agreed.

In regards to the Powerpoint Presentation, I thought students speaking proficiency would be the end result of this event. I was thinking that a powerpoint presentation had to be presented to the people, that it should be discussed. I asked them what’s the use of making a powerpoint presentation if you’re not going to use it in presenting something or discussing something in front of an audience. Many were in favor of just plain typing on the computer and creating a powerpoint presentation. For me, it doesn’t make much sense towards improving English language proficiency especially on the speaking part. If they thought it is improving the writing ability of the students, the essay writing contest is a much better approach. Anyhow majority were for it. It’s a democracy. The rule of the majority has to be respected. And of course I have to agree 🙂

The oration piece is not yet ready although the Supervisor will prescribe only one piece for easy judging. We’ll just have to wait for it.

Speaking of judging, I’ll be one of the judges for the Area Level Jazz Chant. Everything is ironed out in today’s conference. Who will be the judges, which dates for each Area, who will make the certificates, these and much more are discussed today. So far, we think we have everything ready for the English Festival come December.


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